Design-Based Research (DBR) has already become a fixed branch of research in many areas in recent years. In the context of foreign language didactics, there are already individual projects based on DBR principles, but there is a lack of a systematic methodological discourse. The symposium organized by the Chair of English Didactics sees itself as an impetus for a future DBR working group in foreign language didactics. Through the involvement of a pioneer and proven expert in the field of design-based research (Prof. Dr. Susan McKenney), as well as the various perspectives of stakeholders from practice (Michael Rogge, Janine Bruns) and science (Larena Schäfer and Dr. Georgia Gödecke, Dr. Philipp Siepmann and Jens-Folkert Folkerts), discussions are initiated that systematically reflect the opportunities and challenges of design-based research in foreign language didactics. In this way, institutional framework conditions for DBR projects will be determined as well as the foundations for embedding DBR in teacher education. 

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