Kinohi Nishikawa: Guest Lecture and Workshop

ES 203 (English Department)

ES 203

English Department

Johannistraße 12–20, 48143, Münster
Alexander Starre

On January 12, Kinohi Nishikawa (Princeton University) will come to Münster for a guest lecture and workshop based on his current research project “Black Paratext.” At noon, he will give a lecture titled “Blues for Black Childhood”. Following the lecture, Prof. Nishikawa will offer a workshop to discuss his research on paratextuality and African American Literature from the rise of the modern paperback in the 1940s to the contemporary book arts scene. He will be joined by respondents Ellen Barth, Cedric Essi, and Silvia Schultermandl. As a case study, participants of the workshop will explore various editions of Ishmael Reed’s novel Mumbo Jumbo, first published in 1972.

The lecture and workshop are open to the public. If you wish to attend the workshop, please register in advance to get access to the suggested readings.