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Thesis defence training

Zoom (link will be sent one day before the event)

Zoom (link will be sent one day before the event)


TARGET GROUP: doctoral candidates in the final year of their doctoral study
ORGANISER: WWU Graduate Centre
TRAINERS: Dr. Friederike Schmitz

Should you register if you notice that the number of registrations has reached or exceeded the number of available places?

If you are interested in attending the event, do please register even if the event seems to be fully booked. Your registration status will be "pending" – something similar to being placed on a waiting list. It happens that registered participants drop out and there might be a slot free for you at a later time. If a place becomes available for you, we will approve your registration and inform you immediately.

Registration starts on 12 September at 7 pm and ends seven days before the event.

WWU Graduate Centre
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